I. Challengest to social security systems, with particular attention paid to pension schemes:

   1. The impact of demographic shifts on the long-term stability of financial, pension and health care systems in Poland and other countries.

   2. Providing long-term care for the elderly as one of the objectives of social policy.

   3. Efficiency, adequacy and redistribution of income in pension schemes.

   4. Instruments for the accumulation of long-term, additional pension savings - efficiency, costs, tax aspects.

   5. Migration processes and the pension system.

   6. Legal and organizational aspects of social security.

   7. Socio-economic aspects of retirement age extension.

   8. Retirement awareness and decisions taken by the participants of pension schemes.

   9. Institutional, demographic and socio-cultural aspects of pension reforms.

  10. The investment policy of pension funds and other institutions of the pension sector.

  11. Social responsibility of pension sector institutions.

  12. Corporate social responsibility

II. The challenges to the labor market

   1. Human and social capital of the elderly.

   2. Comparison of the situation of young and older people on the labor market.

   3. Intergenerational differences on the labor market.

   4. Human resources management against the problems of demographic aging.

   5. Discrimination on the labor market due to age and the ways to overcome it.

   6. Entrepreneurship of the elderly.

   7. The development of silver economy in Poland and around the world.

   8. Mental and economic security of older people.

   9. Age management in theory and in practice.

  10. Social perception of old age.

  11. New technologies and the needs of the elderly.

  12. Economic aspects of aging.

  13. Other related issues.